Build Your Very Own Salt Lake City, ca. 1941

Enlarge the patterns, then snip, snip, snip, fit slot A into slit B, maybe add a little tape, and build your own model of the LDS buildings in Salt Lake City as they appeared — more or less — in 1941.

We offer you the Temple, the Tabernacle, the Assembly Hall, and assorted smaller monuments and buildings on Temple Square; there’s Primary Children’s Hospital, and a couple of the buildings of LDS University that stood then where today’s Relief Society Building and the gardens of the Church Office Building now stand; add Eagle Gate, the Beehive House, the Lion House, and the old Church Administration Building; even build the Social Hall, the Salt Lake Theater and the Tithing Office (although they were long gone in 1941); … and as a bonus, hold your own (totally out-of-scale) MIA Dance Festival on the old Saltair dance floor, with the roller coast as a backdrop!

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