Buying the Bling

by | Dec. 22, 2008


Dear Dave, This year I'm paying for Christmas on a cash-only basis. I was wondering if you have any tips on buying jewelry at a discount. Cindy Dear Cindy, I love it! Way to go! Buying Christmas gifts with cash is the best way to make sure you don't carry a financial hangover into the new year. Stay away from the malls, and don't go near retail jewelry stores. Jewelry and furniture have some of the highest markups of any items around. It's not unusual for the prices to be double or even three times the seller's cost. You can get great deals on diamonds and other quality jewelry at high-end pawn shops. Yes, I said pawn shops - they're a great place to bargain-hunt. Small jewelers who work on low margins will give you good prices, too. So will diamond brokers. Places like these aren't even in the same solar system, price-wise, with the malls and retailers. Check these places out, Cindy. Compare prices. Make offers. You'll find some great gifts, plus you'll have more money left in your pocket! - Dave * For more great financial advice from Dave, please visit
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