Buzzfeed Features Lindsey Stirling's 'Struggles Only Violinists Will Understand'

by | Jul. 07, 2015


Lindsey Stirling is a darling of the LDS and YouTube communities--and now the Buzzfeed community, too!

In a recent Buzzfeed article, the site shared, "Lindsey Stirling is a genre unto herself. Equal parts dancer, musician, and filmmaker, the 28-year-old Arizona native . . . has amassed over a billion YouTube views, reached the upper echelon of Billboard’s albums chart, and sold out shows around the globe."

The famous YouTuber "stopped by the BuzzFeed offices in New York to reveal some #truefacts about playing the violin."

In the article, Stirling shares 12 "violinist truths," from what the hands of a violinist must go through to "orchestra face" to the many woes of rosin, each accompanied by a fun and expressive gif.

Image title

(Dropping rosin and watching it shatter)

You can click over to Buzzfeed to read the entire article--but beware of the site's advertising and additional content. 

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