Callings & Self-Esteem

To build self-esteem on callings is as dangerously shallow as depending on good looks, popularity, wealth, or achievements to pull us through. All these things can fade away in time.

If we are not happy and emotionally healthy without a calling in the Church or an assignment in the mission, we will never magically become that way because of them. Assignments don’t make us. We must make the most of whatever assignment comes to us. Self-esteem comes from feeling God’s love, knowing we are where God would have us be, and feeling like our efforts are acceptable to Him.

One missionary served in his final sector for almost a year. The mission president pulled him aside and asked, “You’re not going to be disappointed if I don’t call you to be my assistant, are you?” The elder felt honored that his mission president would even have considered him. Still, he was in the middle of some projects in his ward and teaching some great investigators. He told his mission president, “I’m happy where I am.” And he meant it. He knew it was where God needed him right then.

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