Can you still argue this BYU basketball team is the best ever?

by | Mar. 15, 2010

Saints & Sports

The instant Noah Hartsock's shot went rocketing back from whence it came on Feb. 27 — compliments of New Mexico's Darington Hobson — the argument lost a little steam: Is this year's BYU team the greatest ever?

Until then, the Cougars were making a nice case.

They still can, if they make a long run in the NCAA Tournament, which begins this week. It's hard to dismiss a team that had a 15-game win streak and was ranked No. 10 nationally.

But this year's team finished second to New Mexico in the regular season, and was eliminated Friday in the conference tournament, which cost it style points.

You can't be the best team in your school's history when you're not the best in your conference, right?

Actually, you can.

The 1981 BYU team that made it to the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament only finished third in the WAC.

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