Canadian Mormons' home site becomes Vancouver Temple

It has been said the only place comparable to the temple in its sacredness is the home. For one Alberta couple, the phrase takes a whole new meaning, because the Vancouver British Columbia Temple sits on the site where they raised their four children.

In 1988, Gerald McLean, son of prominent Mormons in the Vancouver area, and his wife, Linda, a convert from the small Alberta town of Stirling, were trying to find a piece of land in the Vancouver area for their two children to grow up on. They found a 2.5-acre spot on the highest part of Langley Township, and raised their children, with two more born there, for four years before moving back to Alberta.

Fourteen years later, LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley was visiting the area in 2006 to see potential temple sites suggested by Abbotsford British Columbia Stake President Paul D.M. Christensen. The prophet was driving east on 82nd Avenue from the Langley meetinghouse when he had the car stopped.

"Here is where we are going to build the temple," President Hinckley said near a large hedge, just east of 200 Street. The property wasn't available at the time.

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