Cebu temple open house concludes, area readies for upcoming dedication activities

Watching thousands of people entering and exiting the Cebu City Philippines Temple during the last two days of its open house could be described as something akin to visionary or, at least, like a dream.

The new temple — the Church's 133rd worldwide — faces inward from the street toward a complex that includes a stake center, patron housing and offices for the Philippines Cebu Mission. To approach the temple, set on a slight rise from the rest of the complex, people go up a walkway lined on both sides by towering palm trees. Since the walkway has a series of steps, people literally "will go up to the house of the Lord."

On the last day of the open house, June 5, more than 2,200 of the total 45,103 visitors toured the temple. The public open house began May 21.

Energetic and smiling young men and young women handed visitors large white umbrellas as shelter from the relentless sun bearing down on Cebu Island during what some locals are calling the hottest month in June in many years.

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