Celebrate Food on a Stick Day: 20 Mouth-watering Recipes

by | Mar. 28, 2014

The Food Dish

Breakfast on a Stick

Stuffed Almond Butter and Strawberry Jam French Toast Kabobs 


Ever have trouble getting the fruit and the syrup to stay on the fork with the French toast? Put them all on a stick and your troubles are solved!

Mini Pancake Pops

If you’re running a little short on utensils, these bite-sized pancakes on a stick are the perfect breakfast entrée!

Mini Poptarts Pops

With a little preparation, you can have a mess-free breakfast treat for the kids on the go!

Crunchy Chicken Stuffed Waffle Pops & Maple Dijon Dip

Feeling extra hungry and ambitious? Try this unique delicious half-breakfast-half-lunch food on a stick.

Lunch/Snacks on a Stick

Bacon-Wrapped Potato Bites 


No recipe list is complete without at least one bacon recipe! You may want to make a few extra and hide them away for yourself if you’re planning on serving these as a party snack!

Skewered Tomato, Cucumber & Feta

Looking for something succulent and skewered? Try these easy, delicious – not to mention pretty colored – healthy snacks.

Salad on a Stick

Use the salad ingredients in the recipe or pick your own – your guests will love their lettuce already put in bit-sized bits!

Snakes on a Stick 

These are really simple, yummy and fun snack for your kids for after school, in their lunch, or on the go!

Antipasti Kabobs 


While these may take a little more time, these beautiful and delicious skewered snacks will impress your guests!

Dinner on a Stick

Pineapple Pork Kabobs 


Dinner on a stick can be surprisingly filling! The perfect balance of salty and sweet, you can switch out the pork for your favorite meet or make it a vegetarian meal.

Lemongrass Chicken Skewers 


Need something new and tasty-looking to serve your family or guests? Try these chicken skewers, which use lemongrass stalks for sticks!

Burger on a Stick

American as apple pie? Try American as hamburgers. And what better way to spice up this traditional favorite than by stacking them on a stick!

Pizza Pops

Pizza is a favorite choice for dinner. But if you want to reduce the mess and keep the deliciousness, try putting in on a stick, lollypop style.

Grilled Shrimp Kebobs 


A quick, but yummy food for a family barbeque – just top it off with your favorite cocktail sauce and a couple side salads.


Dessert on a Stick

Funfetti Cheesecake Pops

Nobody can turn down cheesecake! And when you combine it with chocolate, sprinkles, and M&Ms, you can’t go wrong!

Scotcharoo Pops

A cool twist on Rice Krispie treats, these would be perfect for any birthday or children’s party.

Banana Split on a Stick 


Need a guilt-free way to enjoy a banana split? Try this healthy but delicious combination of fruit-of course incomplete without at least a little bit of chocolate.

Strawberry Shortcake Skewers 


This is a perfectly dainty, but delectable dessert to use for a ladies’ party, or to impress some guests.

Frozen S’mores on a Stick

When fire isn’t an option or you simply want to avoid the mess, try this neat variation of the s’more, of course in a perfectly manageable mouth size on a stick.

Peanut Butter Banana Frozen Yogurt Pops 


Of course we had to include a recipe with peanut butter! And the fact that these mouth-watering morsels are frozen make them the perfect summer-time dessert!

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