Celebrating 5 Apostles' Birthdays in August

by | Aug. 01, 2013

LDS Life


August 9th - Neil L. Andersen

Turns: 63

Did you know? During his time at BYU, Elder Andersen worked as a custodian cleaning the library bathrooms starting at 4am.

It was also while at BYU that Elder Andersen first realized he needed glasses. After entering a large classroom at the beginning of the semester, he chose to sit in the back. Once class started and the professor began writing on the chalkboard, others began taking notes leaving Elder Andersen to squint at the board and get entirely lost. One trip to an optometrist later, and he describes, “My world improved immensely. I could see many things that I had not been seeing for some time. The world became much more alive for me. I remember asking myself, ‘Why didn’t I realize before that I needed glasses? How could I have not known that I was not seeing?’

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