Challenging issues: "the onus is on us"

by | Aug. 03, 2009

What We Believe

As stated repeatedly in this series, prophets are not divine, but are humans who have been divinely called to leadership positions. Until we can become perfect like the Father, all of us will continue to struggle, learn from experience and make mistakes. So how can we know when they are speaking as prophets?

The answer is simple: the onus is on us. As noted previously, prophets, the scriptures, temples, Sunday School, etc. are tools designed to help us draw closer to God and receive personal revelation. As Moses said to Joshua, he wished that “all the Lord’s people were prophets” (Numbers 11:29). The primary difference between the revelations we receive and the revelations received by prophets is the scope of responsibility. We can receive revelation for ourselves and those in our stewardship. A prophet can receive revelation for all God’s children. The line of communication, however, is the same, and we can confirm the truth of our leaders words through personal revelation.

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