Character for all, even sports celebrities -- Cub Scouts do notice

If Tiger Woods (and other sports celebrities) think young kids don't take note of bad behavior -- just ask my Wolves and Bears.

We were driving home from our Mormon ward's Cub Scout meeting when the conversation in the back seat predictably turned to hot topics in the world of professional sports. The 8- and 9-year-old boys routinely discuss the results of the latest championship game as well as individual athletes and accomplishments.

Unfortunately, as of late, they've also developed strong opinions regarding those making headlines off the playing field.

"I hate the Steelers," one exclaimed the other day. "Their quarterback, Rothlismugger, Rufusbugger -- whatever his name is -- is such a jerk. So I hate the Steelers."

Another cast his concern about professional baseball. "Players are so stupid when they take Altoids, I mean, Sister Duce, what rhymes with Altoids that's really bad?"

"Steroids?" I answered wishing I didn't know the answer.

"Yeah, that's it," he said. "I hate it when they take steroids just to hit harder. It's so stupid."

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