Cheryl A. Esplin: Always involved in His great work

Sister Cheryl A. Esplin looks forward to her new assignment as second counselor in the Primary general presidency as more than just a calling. She has a vested interest in Primary because 15 of her 18 grandchildren are primary-age.

This new calling is another way for Sister Esplin to help build the kingdom — because for her, service in the Church is a great work to be involved in.

"I love being a part of this work," she told the Church News.

One experience Sister Esplin shared was when she was sitting in a missionary training meeting in 1997 with her husband, Max. She was reading in the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament where the passage of scripture was talking about a stone being cut out of the mountain without hands (Daniel 2:34).

As she sat and read that passage referring to the gospel rolling forth and gaining great momentum, Sister Esplin recalls being filled with the Spirit as she reflected on the blessings of the gospel in her own life.

"I wrote in the margin of my notes that I always want to be a part of this great work," Sister Esplin said. "I remember then thinking, 'I don't care what I do, I want to be a part of this great work, of this kingdom of God rolling forth and gaining momentum throughout the world.' "

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