Chicago Tribune: Roots in church, family keep Notre Dame's Te'o grounded

Outside the chapel walls on the first Sunday of August, there is little more than sunlight and a tinny thrum of cicadas. A moderate crowd filters into the parking lots and then through the doors for the 9 a.m. service at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They're quiet and happy. Nothing breaks the tranquility except the occasional interjection of a car door snapping shut. Opening prayers are almost under way when a black SUV appears on the road. Manti Te'o, Notre Dame's linchpin inside linebacker, is a bit late. But he had to borrow the ride from one teammate and pick up another. Once arrived, wearing a rust-colored shirt and tie, Te'o walks inside like he does most Sundays, to reconnect with a place more than 4,000 miles away. As church members prepare a celebrant of water and wine, Te'o leans over and says: "You came on a perfect day."
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