Children Crying? -Don’t Overreact…Understand Instead!

I was baking bread one day when I heard a commotion coming from downstairs. The children then came to tell me what was happening because they didn’t know where their friend was and had grown concerned. I discovered that one of our darling little friends had broken a toy.

This little five year old girl had been playing with the toy when it accidentally dropped and broke. She was so worried about getting into trouble, she had run off and hidden herself. Even after the other children had reassured her that it would be all right. This sweet little girl had gotten so anxious over breaking the toy she had hidden in the bathroom, then hid herself again when she was found by the other girls.

While the girls were searching for their friend, I hoped I would be able to soothe her anxiety and find out why she was so scared. That she was afraid of how I would react and unsure of how I would treat her feelings was obvious.

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