Church Aid Continues to Arrive in Haiti

by | Jan. 19, 2010

Official Church Info

Shipments of relief aid from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints arrived in Haiti over the weekend, including a large shipment of 85,000 pounds of supplies from Miami. That shipment included emergency resources such as food, blankets, tents and tarps. Latter-day Saint missionaries assisted in unloading the supplies.

Two more shipments of food, medical and other supplies have been trucked in containers from the Dominican Republic to Haiti. The latest of those shipments arrived on Saturday. Additional Church shipments from the United States and the Dominican Republic are planned for this week and will include supplies specifically requested by local Church leaders on the ground.

“We’re encouraged that aid is reaching the ‘end of the row’ and helping those who are in need,” said Nate Leishman, manager of the Church’s humanitarian emergency response efforts. “In disasters like this one, the logistics of moving aid to where it is most needed can be difficult, but we’re now having success in getting supplies in.”

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