Church Comments as Dan Reynolds Seeks to Raise $1 Million at Second LoveLoud Music Fest

by | Jul. 18, 2018

"God’s message is one of hope and we want our LGBT brothers and sisters to know that they are loved, valued and needed in his church," a Church statement said in response to the next LoveLoud music festival and Dan Reynold's goal to raise $1 million for LGBT youth suicide prevention efforts.

Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds hopes a bigger crowd in a larger stadium at next week’s second annual LoveLoud music festival will create a $1 million windfall for LGBT youth suicide prevention efforts.

But music and money aren’t the real purpose of LoveLoud for Reynolds.

"Obviously the music will be great, but the most pivotal moments and emotional moments that perpetuate change are when we all sit down and listen to our LGBTQ youth and adults who tell us their story," he said. "That’s when empathy is really created, when understanding becomes a theme of the night."

Lead image by Briana Scroggins from the Deseret News
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