Church Creates Raw, Honest Video: Surviving Suicide

In the middle of the night when no one would hear and no one would be around to stop her, Hannah decided to take her own life. But that same night, her mother awoke with a feeling her daughter needed her. "That voice is what saved my life," Hannah says in a powerful video from the Mormon Channel.

When describing how she reached this point, Hannah says, "Before I stopped praying because I didn't think anyone was listening. I didn't think anyone cared." But after receiving treatment, Hannah describes the moment she decided to pray to her Heavenly Father again, "I felt inclined this one day when I decided that, 'Let's just try this again. Why not?' And I think having that open mind is eventually what led me to listen to what my Heavenly Father was saying." 

And the message Hannah received was, "I care. I always have and I always will."

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