Church Members Help Build Gurdwara for Sikhs & Renovate Baptist Church

Church members on two continents formed new ties with their communities as they worked to improve places of worship for Sikh and Baptist members. 

In Northampton, England, 50 Church members worked with local members of the Sikh religion to clear land for a Gurdwara, or Sikh place of worship.

Members cleared the overgrowth on the land, painted the front fence, and assisted in clearing out the shell of the building for the Gurdwara, according to mormonnewsroom.org.uk.

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Michael Ellis, the member of parliament for the Northampton North constituency, visited the site on Sept. 10, while Church members and Sikhs were working on the project. Ellis remarked at the large community turnout, which included about 80 people, according to mormonnewsroom.org.uk.

And in the U.S., members of the Lakewood ward in Stanwood, Washington, also helped another religion in their community.

While talking with a friend at the YMCA in Marysville, Church member Tom Brock found out the Seven Lakes Baptist building was in need of repair.

Water had damaged the boards near the 35-year-old building's base, and Brock's friend asked if he could hire him to repair the building.

Brock, a contractor, did something better.

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With the help of about a dozen members in his ward, Brock worked for about 25 hours over the space of three days to replace the boards and add new siding to the base of the Baptist building.

"There’s a ton of stuff people can do if you want to help others," Brock told heraldnet.com. "You just have to get working. It’s just the way people should be."

Lead image from mormonnewsroom.org.uk
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