Church News viewpoint: Teaching and leading

It has been said that every faithful member of the Church — every true disciple of Christ, for that matter — is called to be a teacher.

Virtually every calling in the Church in some way involves teaching. Church members in leadership capacities, to be effective, must teach. It is unavoidable. Leaders teach those under their watchcare to understand and fulfill their own duties and responsibilities in the Church and Kingdom of God. They teach them the doctrines of the Kingdom and how to apply those doctrines in their own lives and, in turn, to teach them to others.

While leaders in the Church are teachers, the converse of that statement is also true: Effective teachers, in a very real way, are also leaders.

Consider, for example, one with a formal calling to teach. Whether it be in priesthood meeting, Relief Society, Sunday School or one of the other auxiliary organizations of the Church, a teacher leads by guiding a class discussion. While providing ample opportunity for questions, comments, insights and testimony from students, the effective teacher gently and tactfully directs the discussion into productive channels, ensuring that what is said and done is consistent with the doctrines and teachings of our Savior Jesus Christ and of His anointed servants.

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