Church Praises Lawmakers for Groundbreaking Legislation


Photo from Mormon Newsroom

Today in Utah, Senate Bill 296, which mediated religious and LGBT rights, passed. 

In response to the news, the Church released a statement, saying, “We are pleased that the Utah Legislature has passed Senate Bill 296." Calling the new law a piece of "landmark legislation," they noted, "it reflects the very best of collaboration and statesmanship from groups and individuals who may not always agree on all things."

In an earlier statement about the bill, the Church said of the compromise, "While none of the parties achieved all they wanted, we do at least now have an opportunity to lessen the divisiveness in our communities without compromising on key principles."

Originally, the SB296 was hailed by multiple parties as "a model for other faith traditions here in the United States."

In their statement, the Church acknowledged that other states may find a different solution to balancing rights, but that "we hope this fair, balanced approach shows that fairness for all is possible. The Church applauds the efforts of the Utah Legislature and other members of the community for this historic accomplishment.”

-->Learn more about Utah SB 296 here

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