Church Releases 8 Powerful Videos You Can Watch with Your Family the Week Leading Up to Easter

In order to help people around the world focus on the Savior this Easter and to see principles of peace that can fill our lives even in moments of heartbreak, the Church has released a series of short videos that share real-life stories from Latter-day Saints. Each story focuses on a new principle that can help your family focus on the spirit of Easter this upcoming week.

Whether you watch these videos in one night or focus on one each day during the week leading up to Easter, be sure to soak in the message and remember our Redeemer is the Prince of Peace. Learn more at mormon.org.


When given only 15 months to live after the birth of her baby boy, Kristin found hope and faith to carry on through the plan of happiness. 

God's Word

During a trying time in her life, Amelia turned to the scriptures and found the perfect words that gave her a sense of worth and comfort.


After brain cancer took the life of their little boy, the Burnetts found a way to turn their tragedy into a way to build others and bless their lives.


In Jon's life, he found that focusing on his blessings rather than all he lacked helped him reach new heights and find even more reasons to be grateful.


Erick is a sculptor who has built many toys and action figures, but he is also a father. When he learned his daughter with down syndrome might not survive, he found peace in prayer.


After her parent's split, Kristy felt abandoned by her father. But one day she read a book that taught her of the need to forgive.


At one point in her life, Melody was homeless, pregnant, addicted to drugs, and hostile toward God. But then she met two young men who changed her perspective on life.


After his father died when he was a teenager, Clark found hope that he would see his father again through the gospel of Jesus Christ. This life is not an end. Christ overcame death so we all can live again.

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