Church Video: "It Is Only Through Being Grateful That I Can Live My Life to the Fullest"

Jon Louis, a college student living in New Orleans, Louisiana, has found peace in his life through being grateful. His father passed away in the line of duty as a fireman when Louis was very young, but even though he has lived most his life without a father, Louis is grateful for the example his father set for him.

Even though he experienced hardship, Louis decided to be grateful for the many things he does have. Peace is found in his life because he chooses to live with a focus on how God has been good to him.

“Jesus Christ gave us an example of how to live your life gratefully. In that way, gratitude is important because it is only through truly being grateful for my life that I can live my life to the fullest,” Louis says. “Gratitude gives me peace in a lot of ways. I have so much to be grateful for that it would be disrespectful to God if I wasn’t happy. You know, by living my life optimistically, I’m paying it forward with what God is giving me.”

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