Church aid to Haiti could last a year or longer

Mormon efforts to aid the earthquake-ravaged nation of Haiti will likely last a year or longer, the Church's area welfare manager for the Caribbean Area said Friday, Jan. 22.

"This is going to be, as you can imagine, a long-term process," said Bennie Lilly, who spoke from his office in the Dominican Republic to several news reporters on a telephone conference call arranged by the Church's Public Affairs Department.

"Right now, of course, we're just trying to meet basic needs," he said. "I suspect that in the future, we'll be providing some help with housing and other kinds of reconstruction efforts. I suspect we'll be in Haiti maybe as long as a year to try to deal with the issues they're dealing with."

Brother Lilly said a "wonderful outpouring of generosity from people" has made possible the Church's efforts thus far.

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