Church, football, dreads matter much to 'Mr. Irrelevant'

by | May 03, 2010

Saints & Sports

Before the NFL draft, the only Tim getting any attention was named Tebow. Now a week later, another Tim, last name Toone, is just as popular on

Since being selected dead last -- No. 255 -- in last week's NFL draft, Tim Toone has become something of a rock star. The former Weber State receiver with rusty-colored, long-flowing dread locks has responded to numerous radio, newspaper and television interview requests, including ESPN.

Aside from the typical questions about being named Mr. Irrelevant and his chances of making the Detroit Lions' roster, the most commonly asked questions are about his service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in West Africa.

The reporters ask "What is the most memorable thing about that experience? What do you take from that experience that will help you in the NFL?"

As if catching a routine pass from the quarterback, Toone fields the questions and isn't afraid to share his true feelings about the people he grew to love in the Ivory Coast, Ghana and Sierra Leone.

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