Church posts new signs on Main Street Plaza

New signs have gone up on downtown Salt Lake City's Main Street Plaza. Visitors now are on notice: "The [LDS] Church reserves the right to refuse access to any person for any reason."

The change addresses concerns raised about how the church notifies visitors regarding the private nature of the public-street-turned-ecclesiastical-park.

In July, church guards detained a gay couple after they shared a kiss on the plaza. The guards called Salt Lake City police, who cited the two men for trespassing. But City Prosecutor Sim Gill declined to press charges, saying the church's signs failed to adequately warn the couple that they were entering private property.

"I'm glad to see [the church] move forward," Gill said Monday. "We've never said the property owner does not have an absolute right to enforce their property rights."

The new language and the addition of "private property" to several signs around the plaza add the "clarity that was missing," he said. Future visitors who are detained on the space and refuse to leave could be prosecuted for trespassing just like unwanted visitors to a person's home could be.

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