Church to Shoot New Testament Film

Over the last several decades, the Church has produced a library of videos that depict time periods from ancient scripture to the modern-day restoration. From seminary and Sunday School classrooms, to talks and presentations broadcast throughout the world by organizations within the Church, the videos have been used as a core part of the Church Curriculum department — a core part that’s about to get a face-lift.

In 2011, shooting will begin in Salt Lake City for “The New Testament,” a film that covers “select segments of the New Testament from the birth of Christ through a recounting of John, the apostle, on the Isle of Patmos,” said Alisa Anglesey of LDS Audiovisual Casting and the casting director for the film.

“The footage we currently use is a conglomeration of many projects over the years,” Anglesey continued. “What we’re hoping to accomplish with this project is to provide a sense of uniformity and continuity throughout all the stories.”

However, as the executive producer for the film, John Uibel, explained, “This is not your typical film project. ... It is not ‘The New Testament Movie,’ but rather a collection of dozens of scenes taken from the scriptures.”

Anglesey explained it as providing “authentic ‘B-roll’ [or supplementary footage] for the next two decades of Church sponsored video,” with its uses ranging from General Authorities’ talks to temple visitors centers’ kiosks. According to Uibel, the project is doing more, and will do more, than just produce film clips.

“We’re breaking new technical and creative ground with this and achieving a very high level of production quality on a limited budget,” Uibel said. “We’re ready to bring the Gospel to the world, and see this as another method by which the Lord is helping us do just that.” Andy Horton of the Church Seminaries and Institutes Department has been involved with the film and, like Uibel, sees the profound affect the film could have.

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