Church to build temporary housing in Haiti before rainy season

by | Feb. 13, 2010

Official Church Info

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is launching an aggressive program to put as many as 600 urgently needed temporary housing kits into the hands of Haitian members before the rainy season starts in April. A single kit includes lumber, corrugated tin for the roof, and hurricane straps for the roof and cement.

The goal is to get families back on their properties by clearing away the rubble through organized service projects. Once properties are cleared, tents or the new temporary shelters can be set up. It is a continuing effort by the Church to restore normalcy and self-reliance.

“The principle of welfare should take place, where we help the people help themselves,” said Berthony Theodore, a senior Haitian Church leader.

Church Welfare managers have assisted local Church leaders in establishing a well stocked storehouse of life-sustainable supplies such as beans, rice and milk.

Orders are filled through local congregational leaders. Deliveries are then made to the nine meetinghouses which have been used as shelters for those displaced by the quake.

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