Comcast Refuses to Air Attack Ads That "Demean" LDS Church

by | Jan. 12, 2017

Mormon Life

After an activist launched an ad campaign against the Church, with the goal to get the Church's tax-exempt status revoked, Comcast made a public statement, saying they would not carry the ads because the "client was unwilling to provide substantiation for their claims." Read the full statement here.

Comcast announced Thursday it will not run a TV commercial that it determined demeans the LDS Church.

Activist Fred Karger paid approximately $2,000 to run the ad 54 times in Utah markets to kick off what he called "the biggest, loudest, most comprehensive challenge to a church's tax-exempt status in history."

Comcast issued a written explanation on Thursday, saying the ad did not meet its standards. The statement was issued by Tara Hunter, Comcast Spotlight's senior director of integrated communications.

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