Congress Members from 6 Faiths Share Testimonies of Prayer, Scripture, and the Hand of God

When most people hear about Congress, they experience an immediate sense of frustration and a rise in blood pressure. However, Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (Republican representative of North Carolina) attempts to shed some light on Christian faith in Congress with her new book, God Is in the House: Congressional Testimonies of Faith.

Foxx shares the testimonies of 18 Congress members, ranging from Methodist to Mormon. These Congress members explain how they feel about God's hand in government and share how they practice their Christian faith in the capital. Here are just a few of those declarations of faith.

Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House (R–Wisconsin), Catholic

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"These days religious liberty is under assault. A lot of people think faith is just an odd, colorful mask for the ugly face of intolerance. I am not saying we should feel put upon. I mean, saints were thrown to the lions; by that standard, we have it easy. What I am saying is that we have to advocate for our faith. And we should defend religious liberty not just on material grounds—that is, because people of faith do good things, like give to charity or volunteer. We should also defend it on spiritual grounds—that is, because living out our faith gives us joy.

"The administration seems to believe only in a material world, where the only stuff that matters is dollars and cents. But that’s a cold, unfeeling world to live in. And that’s not the kind of country that our Constitution envisions. Why is this even an issue? Because I actually think religious liberty is going to make a comeback—because there is a growing need for faith."

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