Consider storing canned meats

by | May 07, 2010

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Because most of us love eating meat, including some canned meat in food storage meals will be satisfying and comforting. Beans are absolutely delicious, but not everyone wants to eat them every day.

In place of the recommended five pounds of dried beans per person per month, you may trade any part of your dried beans pound for pound for canned meats. For example, in place of 10 pounds of dried beans, store 10 pounds of canned meats.

Look for sales on 12-ounce cans of meat chunks for around $2.50 to $3 a can. That's really around same price as a pound of good quality hamburger, making storing canned meats very do-able!

One 12-ounce can makes a great tasting meal, feeding four to six people. This meets the recommended serving size of two to three ounces of meat given in the food pyramid dietary guidelines. Compared to the cost of everyday family meals, you can save money on meals made with canned meats and other stored foods!

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