Conversion story showing the importance of being a good example

Eight months ago, Scott Meushaw, 22, of Towson, Md., was in envy of his co-worker, Blair Peterson, the quarterback on the Towson University football team.

"What was it about him?" Meushaw wondered. Why did he not get angry? Why didn't he drink, smoke or party but still had fun? After all, he was the quarterback.

"I knew there was something different about him. I wanted his life almost," said Meushaw.

So Meushaw approached Peterson, who had served a Mormon mission to Argentina, on Facebook -- too embarrassed to approach him face to face at work -- and asked him some poignant questions.

"Why are we here?" "What's my purpose in life?" "Is there really a heaven?"

"Scott thought I was going to be your typical football player and blow him off," Peterson said.

Quite the contrary, Peterson held tight to Meushaw, just like he does a football on the field, and didn't let go until Meushaw was baptized one month after Meushaw's initial questions.

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