Coping With a Calling Release

by | Jun. 10, 2014

Mormon Life

When an unexpected release from a church calling comes, there are quite a few emotions that may come with it. Here are some of the possible emotional responses to getting released and some ideas for putting them in the proper context.

1. “I didn’t do enough”

This feeling often afflicts the conscientious. If you are feeling this, friends and family may assure you that you “did great.” This social support may help temporarily, but ultimately you will still have the internal doubt to deal with.

2. “What a relief”

“Its over! What a relief! Now I’ll have more free time!” (said the newly-released Sunday School teacher who was about to be called into a bishopric) This emotional approach has a few hazards. The most obvious is that we may soon be disappointed by another calling even more demanding than the first. Feeling “relieved” sets us up for negative emotions when that new calling comes.

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