Creativity in Missionary Work

Today was Fast Sunday. Our ward has a tradition that every Fast Day whoever is conducting reads excerpts from the letters home of our missionaries who are out serving. We have two, both Spanish speaking, one in Mexico and the other in Honduras (or some place like that; I forget). As the bishop read the letter from our second elder, the young man told us about a missionary he had met who was out from Nicaragua. Our elder had overheard as this Nicaraguan missionary tried to call home, and his family wouldn’t take the call; they had disowned him when he joined the church (one year before leaving for his mission). It was a reminder that some people make much greater sacrifices than the temporary discomforts we experience when we serve far from home. This story sort of put me in a missionary mood.

Anyway, when we went to sing I picked up a hymnal and a note dropped out. It read:

We are so excited to be serving here with you in the Schaumburg 2nd Ward! Please give us a call if we can do anything for you.

This was followed by their names and phone number. I then realized that we had a new set of missionaries in the ward, and they had taken the time to slip these notes in the hymnals throughout the chapel.

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