Cub Scout Chronicles: Water play makes any Cub's day

We recently enjoyed a quarterly Primary activity with another ward on the grounds of our town's historic mansion and arboretum. Under the shade of hundreds of trees, leaders in the Primary led groups of mingled kids on scripture-theme adventures.

The obvious challenge with such events is engaging the entire group whose ages range from 3-11.

It isn't uncommon for Primary presidencies to endure rolling eyes of older kids who aren't really interested in participating in preschool-geared games. However, this day was a victory for the Cub Scouts — the planned activities were right up their alley.

A "tree of life" station let them conquer the sweet-tasting doughnut-on-a-string contest in just a bite or two. They "lifted one another's burdens" by each holding the ends of a towel and tossing water balloons to another duo. Running the obstacle course while balancing a cup of "living water" was done in record time compared to more careful kindergarten-age female counterparts.

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