DVD answers questions about importance of LDS standards

Teaching the standards of the gospel to someone who has never lived them can be difficult, but teaching why we live them just became a little easier.

Antony Sweat and John Hilton III, authors of “Why? Powerful Answers and Practical Reasons for Living LDS Standards,” have made a DVD to go along with their book that gives the answers to the most pressing questions teenagers and young adults have had on the standards of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“I realized how powerful and affective truth and doctrine can be at the right time in the right dosage,” said Chris Schoebinger, publishing director at Deseret Book.

Steward and Hilton are religious educators for the church, and met while teaching at an Especially for Youth six years ago. A few months after they met, Hilton said they started to kick around the idea of writing a book together. It took approximately 1 1/2 years to write it and after some feedback, they found young people would rather watch the material than read it, so the DVD idea was born.

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