Dallas Inaugurates its Genesis Group

The Genesis Group was established on October 19, 1971. President Monson, then a junior apostle, said this at the inaugural meeting:

“I stand before you tonight in a chapel that is just five blocks from where I was born and where I spent the first thirty years of my life, and I feel it a privilege to participate in this historic occasion. We are meeting in the Third Ward, one of the original pioneer wards. Among those early pioneers were members of the race now constituted as the Genesis Group. It’s been a long trek, but the promised land is here. I testify to you that our Father is pleased with what has transpired. Your theme could be that of an old Sunday School hymn: ‘Do not weary on the way.’ And your counsel, ‘Be not weary in well doing, for you are laying the foundation of a great work. Out of that which is small proceedeth that which is great.”

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