Dave Says: Be a Moral Person When Dealing with Legal Settlements

by | Apr. 28, 2015

Mormon Life


Dear Dave,

I was recently notified that I am one of the beneficiaries of a class action lawsuit against a previous employer. The amount I can receive is just $200, but I don’t feel like this past employer wronged me in any way. Everyone around me is urging me to take the money, but I feel kind of weird about accepting anything under the circumstances. What do you think I should do?


Dear Randy,

I don’t know all the details of the episode you’re talking about, or what happened with this particular company. But I don’t agree with the idea that we’re supposed to beat up anyone we can, or milk everything we can get out of every company or human being we come across. Some people are just incredibly opportunistic. They live like it’s anarchy, and they have no sense of fairness or decorum. But you do.

The people who are telling you to take the cash don’t think the way you do. They’re the kind who would take any money, no matter the reason. But you sound like the kind of person who wouldn’t do that, so you shouldn’t be taking advice from those people. 

I think your heart has already told you what to do, Randy. God is whispering in your ear. If I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t take it. If it were $100,000, I wouldn’t take it. You were not wronged, and that money is for someone who was wronged. 

You have a sense of dignity and pride about yourself and your behavior, and I respect that. My advice is to listen to your heart.


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