Dave Says: Not Quite Dearly Departed

by | Aug. 23, 2011


Dear Dave,

I went through a divorce about six years ago. Recently, I re-married and when we went to apply for a home loan my TransUnion credit report said that I was deceased. What should I do to let these people know I’m not dead?


Dear Stacy,

This is too much! But I think we can revive you.

Write a letter to TransUnion – certified mail, return receipt requested – advising them that according to the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act you’re challenging the accuracy of the credit bureau report listing you as deceased.

They’re usually pretty good about clearing these kinds of things up. But the reason for sending a certified letter is there will be proof of the letter being delivered. At that point, the fuse is lit and by law they’ve got 30 days to fix the problem!


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