Day 3: Send a Holiday Greeting, For Free!

Here's one less thing you'll have to spend money on this holiday season--your annual, family Christmas card. Try one of these fresh, modern, or vintage Christmas cards for free!


The famous "Elf Yourself": click here.
Funny E-cards featuring you (like Elf Yourself): click here.
Vintage Christmas postcards: click here.
General holiday E-cards: click here.

Printable Christmas Cards and Invitations

Hand-drawn Christmas card: click here.
Modern Christmas invitations: click here.
Modern and festive card set (card, envelope, labels): click here.
A quirky Christmas card set: click here.
General Christmas cards: click here.

Card Display

There’s never enough room for all the holiday cards on your fridge, and arranging them on the mantel is, well, boring. Be a little different this year and show off those beautiful holiday cards in a whole new way! click here.

Christmas Card 101

Here's a humorous article on Christmas card etiquette, the do's and dont's, and everything you could possible know about this dreaded Christmas "chore." click here.

Do you send a Christmas card?


What do you send?

letter and picture
traditional card and envelope
more than one of the above
What's the best Christmas card you've ever received? Leave a comment below.
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