Day Away: Antelope Island

Most visitors to Utah are surprised to learn that the Great Salt Lake is inhabited by antelope and buffalo. Well, not the lake itself, but the forty-two square mile island in the lake is home to many animals, including bobcats, deer, bighorn sheep, and the aforementioned antelope and buffalo. If you have never been to Antelope Island, or your children have never been, we recommend that you spend your Day Away enjoying this fantastic place right in your backyard!

Visitors are happy to note that the island is easy to reach, either by boat, or by car, as there is a causeway extending west from Layton. When you arrive, you will immediately find pristine white beaches all over the island, so you and your family can enjoy a swim in one of the world's largest salt water lakes. Don't want to spend the rest of the day covered in salt? Showers are located on most of the public beaches.

Swimming is certainly not your only option for entertainment, though. There are many trails available to visitors interested in hiking to see more of the island and its wildlife. Visitors to the island often see buffalo and antelope, but make sure you don't approach them. Buffalo can weigh up to 2000 lbs and are surprisingly fast - and just like all wild animals, they are unpredictable and can be dangerous. Horseback riding, kayaking, and bicycling are just a few more of the available activities on the island. Some companies offer tours of the island, both safari style and onboard a tour boat.

As far as dining goes, you have a few options. The least expensive option is to bring your own picnic and enjoy while lying on a beach or sitting at one of the provided picnic tables. Or bring food to barbeque, as grills are available all over the island. If you would prefer to be served some excellent cuisine, Buffalo Point Restaurant would be happy to serve you.

If you would like more information about Antelope Island or if you have any questions, call the Visitor Center: 801.725.9263

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