Deacon passes sacrament despite having no arms

Alex Brotherson came into this world with no arms and only a single finger protruding out of his right shoulder.

To the casual observer, Alex doesn't miss the arms he never had. The youngest of three brothers, at 12 years old he participates in many of the activities endemic to boys his age by using his feet to do tasks normally reserved for hands -- things like playing video games, surfing the Internet, playing baseball and even riding four-wheel all-terrain vehicles.

"The four-wheeler has the throttle up on the handle bar," explains Jeff Brotherson, Alex's father. "He just kind of sits back and uses his feet to steer."

Although Alex doesn't let his disability deter him from embracing life (he goes paintballing, washes dishes, plays the guitar, et al.), the one thing he cannot do is simultaneously walk and use his feet as de facto hands. After all, his dexterous feet can't be in two places at the same time. So passing the sacrament has to be off-limits to Alex the Mormon deacon, right?

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