December 2016 First Presidency Message: "Peace in This Life"

by | Dec. 03, 2016

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In the First Presidency message for December 2016, President Henry B. Eyring shares a touching story of how a follower of Christ found peace and joy, even in difficult circumstances.

"Some of us live in beautiful and peaceful surroundings, yet we are experiencing inner turmoil. Others feel peace and perfect serenity in the midst of great personal loss, tragedy, and continuing trials. . . .

"I remember visiting a woman in the hospital a few days before she died of cancer. I had brought my two young daughters to accompany me because this sweet sister had once been their Primary teacher.

"Her family members were gathered around her bed, wishing to be with her in her final moments on earth. I was surprised as she sat up in the bed. She reached out to my daughters and introduced them both, one by one, to each member of her family. She spoke as if my daughters were royalty being presented at the court of a queen. She found a way to say something about the way each person in the room was a disciple of the Savior. I still remember the strength, the tenderness, and the love in her voice. And I recall being surprised at her cheerful smile even as she knew her time in life was short.

"She had received priesthood blessings of comfort, yet she gave us all a living testimony that the Lord’s promise of peace is true: 'These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world' (John 16:33)."

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Supplemental Reading: In Marvin J. Ashton's October 1985 general conference address, "Peace—A Triumph of Principles," he shared an experience that taught him a vital principle of peace.

"A beautiful little blind girl was sitting on the lap of her father in a crowded compartment in a train. A friend seated nearby said to the father, 'Let me give you a little rest,' and he reached over and took the little girl on his lap.

"A few moments later the father said to her, 'Do you know who is holding you?'

"'No,' she replied, 'but you do.'

"Some might be inclined to say, 'What a perfect trust this child had in her father.' Others may say, 'What a wonderful example of love.' And still others might say, 'What an example of faith.' To me it indicates a beautiful blending of all of these principles, which brought a priceless inner peace to the child. She knew she was safe because she knew her father knew who was holding her. Affection, respect, and care over the years had placed in this little girl's heart a peace that surpasseth all understanding. She was at peace because she knew and trusted her father. . . .
"Just as the little blind girl sat on the stranger’s lap with perfect contentment because her father knew him, so we can learn to know our Father and find inner peace as we live His principles."

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