December Sharing Time: Symbols of the Savior

by | Nov. 18, 2004


This sharing time will help the children remember the Savior during the Christmas season.

Make a poster with a Christmas tree shape on it. Color and cut out the following ornaments to place on the tree: Several small stars and one larger star. Several candy canes. Several angels. Several Christmas ornaments in red, white, and green. Several gift packages. Bring tape to attach the ornaments to the poster. (The poster and ornaments can be laminated if you desire or you could use a small artificial tree with actual ornaments if you choose.)

Obtain the following pictures: Resurrected Christ (Gospel Art Kit, 233), The Nativity (GAK, 200), The Shepherds (GAK, 202), Christ and the Lost Lamb (from meetinghouse library), Jesus Praying in Gethsemane (GAK, 227), The Wise Men (GAK, 203), and Jesus the Christ (GAK, 240).

Show the children the undecorated Christmas tree. Explain that many of the decorations and traditions we have at Christmastime are to help us remember Jesus Christ. Tell them that as they help you decorate the tree they will learn what each symbol means. For each symbol have one class or group come to the front and decorate the tree with those items. Then explain why that items helps us remember Christ, show the corresponding picture, and read or have a child read the accompanying scripture(s).

Tree: Christmas trees are evergreen trees. They do not die in the winter, but stay green all year through. This is a symbol of eternal life. Christ has made it possible for us to live in heaven after we die.
Scripture: Moses 1:39
Picture: Resurrected Christ.

Lights (small stars) and Star: We often use lights, candles, and stars in our Christmas decorations. These represent the new star that appeared when Christ was born.
Scripture: Matthew 2: 9-10.
Picture: Nativity Scene (star in background)

Candy Canes: This candy is made in the shape of a shepherd's staff. The shepherds came to see baby Jesus. Christ is known as the good shepherd.
Scriptures: Luke 2:8-9; John 10:11.
Pictures: The Shepherds, Christ and the Lost Lamb

Angels: Angels announced Christ's birth to the shepherds.
Scripture: Luke 2: 10-11
Picture: The Shepherds

Red, White, and Green Ornaments: Christmas colors are symbols of jesus Christ. Red represents the blood of Christ. Green represents eternal life. White represents the purity of Christ (he was perfect).
Scriptures: Luke 22:44; 3 Nephi 12:48.
Picture: Christ in Gethsemane

Gifts (to put under the tree): Gifts represent the gifts the wise men brought to the Christ child and the gift of the Savior that Heavenly Father gave the world.
Scriptures: Matthew 2:1, 11; John 3:16.
Pictures: Wise Men, Jesus the Christ.

Sing Christmas songs that the children are familiar with to reinforce the concepts taught.

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