Delicious Testimony Meeting

The tone was set by a young woman not yet a member of the Church. Her mother was baptized last December, and it’s clear that this young lady will follow in due time. She talked about a recent life lesson that had hit her hard: if you never try, you will never be able to do it. A tender spirit with shades of innocence filled the chapel.

Next was a brother who was recently called as a ward missionary. He said that we cannot just sit in church ourselves, for it our duty to bring others and each other here. “There is much I have to answer for,” he said, mentioning 20 years wasted chasing worldly goals, “but I will never have to answer for not spreading the gospel.” The spirit was one of rebirth through the gospel and covenantal duty to one another.

The bishop’s Executive Secretary testified of the reality and goodness of each member of the Godhead.

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