Dental Study Praises LDS Doctors’ 3-hour “Temple” Mints

by | Feb. 17, 2015

In an independent clinical trial conducted by the CR Foundation*, a world-respected independent, non-profit, dental education and product testing foundation and reported in the Gordon J. Christensen Clinicians Report,  88% of dentists who patient-tested the new FOREVERMINTS breath and dry mouth mint (a tiny, dot-sized 3-hour slow dissolve and extended flavor breath mint) found it “excellent or good.”

ForeverMints was created by two LDS doctors looking for a long-lasting solution to Fast-Sunday, temple worker and missionary bad breath and dry mouth.

In the clinical study, published in January 2015 entitled “Long-Lasting Mints Provide Hours of Fresh Breath and Stimulate Saliva Production” the dentists reported that ForeverMints are:

“Small mint tablets, when moistened, adhere to soft tissue inside oral cavity. Mints are easily positioned in a comfortable location that adheres to the upper gumline. Aromatic mint flavor sweetened with xylitol is slowly released which keeps the breath fresh for about three hours and may also help with salivation in dry mouth patients.”

The study further concluded that the advantages of ForeverMints are:

(1) Long lasting

(2) Flavor is not too strong for most

(3) Adheres well to gingiva

(4) Increases salivation and was useful for dry mouth

(5) Mints are small and discreet

88% of Dentists Rate ForeverMints “Excellent or Good“

The majority of research dentists who clinically evaluated ForeverMints with their patients said “they would incorporate ForeverMints into their practice” and 88% rated ForeverMints “excellent or good and worthy of trial by colleagues.”

It Took 30 Years to Develop the ForeverMints Micro Slow-Dissolve/Continuous Flavor Release Technology

The two LDS doctors who developed ForeverMints, Greggory DeVore MD (a BYU/Yale-educated physician) and Douglas Pratt, PharmD (a BYU/University of California-educated pharmacologist with an interest in time-release pharmaceuticals) were looking for a long-term solution to bad breath and dry mouth.

“Mints, gums, mouth washes and toothpastes on the market today provide only minutes of fresh breath and dry mouth relief,” claims Dr. DeVore.  “What was needed is a multi-hour solution.”

Dr. Pratt continues, “The breath freshening industry has invested hundreds of millions of dollars looking for a way to extend the flavor component of their candy mints, gums and other breath freshening aids.  They’ve only been able to extend flavor to a few minutes. 

“After 30 years of research and testing we discovered,” affirms Pratt, “how to do it for hours.”

Bad Breath & Dry Mouth Solution Created By Doctors, Not Candy Makers

Incorporating advances in both micro and small particle (nano) technologies the doctors were able, through a patent-pending process, to condense and compress hours of breath freshening and oral hygiene protection into a dot-sized (about one-half the size of a baby aspirin) tablet that takes about 3 hours to melt in the mouth.

Also Helps Promote Positive Oral Health

Besides three hours of continuous flavor ForeverMints also contain the naturally occurring sweetener xylitol. Extracted from the bark of birch trees found only in Finland, most dentists love xylitol because, with over 30 years of studies, it has been proven to reduce cavity-causing plaque acids, neutralize unhealthy oral bacteria, mineralize and strengthen tooth enamel, whiten teeth and stimulate salivation.

The end result is, according to the Clinicians Report Foundation study: “Long-Lasting Mints That Prove Hours of Fresh Breath and Stimulate Saliva Production.”

ForeverMint Phenomenon Fueled by Literal and Figurative “Word of Mouth”

Beside the success of the Clinicians Report study, the doctors report that sales of the mints have skyrocketed and continue to rise as more people become familiar with ForeverMints, use them, and refer them to friends and colleagues.

“The spread of ForeverMints fame is truly, both literally and figuratively, a word of mouth phenomenon,” states Dr. DeVore.

“A good part of our orders,” continues DeVore, “come from referrals. When most people first hear about ForeverMints’ properties and claims, they find it hard to believe. They wonder how is it possible to pack so much flavor and protection into a tiny “dot” and have it take three hours to dissolve.”

“But once they try the mint,” adds Dr. Pratt, “they experience this wonderful technology firsthand and are excited to share it with others. They become ForeverMint evangelists.

“We’ve noticed this phenomenon is especially true among LDS temple workers, missionaries and missionary couples,” concludes Dr. Pratt. 

ForeverMints are the Greatest Mint You’ve Ever had in Your Life! . . . I’m Positively Addicted to Them.” - Glenn Beck

An example of this type of evangelism is political commentator Glenn Beck. After trying the mints for a few weeks he went on radio and TV and spontaneously told his audience that he was “positively addicted” to these new multi-hour ForeverMints

This one mention alone resulted in thousands of orders and the people who purchased are sharing the mints with their friends and family.

Beck commented, “If I had the money, I’d invest in this company. ForeverMints are the greatest mint you’ve ever had in your life!” (Click Here to Listen)

Slow-Dissolve Technology Also Used to Deliver Health-Promoting Nutraceuticals. An Ideal Way to Suppress Between-Meal Cravings for Carb and Fat Laced Foods.

The oral, slow-dissolve micro technology behind the ForeverMints tab is also being used as a delivery system for nutraceuticals. Developed by NeuOra Microceuticals, the doctors believe this application is ideal because the nutrients carried in the tablet are ingested slowly compared to a sudden release and rapid metabolism of the nutrient when swallowed and rapidly digested in the stomach. Strong acids in the stomach also degrade the nutrients potency as the tablets are digested.

There are currently two applications of this technology:

(1) NeuOra-P with Vitamin D3 for pain, sleeplessness, depression, lethargy associated with Vitamin D deficiencies; and

(2) SuppressMint with Chromax (chromium picolinate) for high glycemic (flour, sugar, and fat-based foods) appetite control and blood sugar stabilization that helps the body burn more stored  fat for energy than sugar.

 Why Most Diet Plans Fail and Why SuppressMint May Be the Key to Weight Loss Success

Millions of people are currently on low-calorie, portion-control, pre-prepared diets/meal plans such as NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, and Weight Watchers. These plans can be very effective in helping people to lose weight but a vast majority of users abandon the plans because they cannot control their cravings for sugar, refined flour and fat-based food and drinks between meals. SuppressMint is designed to be used between meals to help curb refined carbohydrate cravings for up to three hours at a time.

The combination of peppermint extract (a natural appetite/carb craving suppressant), Chromax (a natural appetite/carb craving suppressant and blood sugar stabilizer that helps the body burn more fat for energy rather than sugar) and the 3-hour duration of the mint “dot” in the mouth (provides oral gratification to combat emotional eating/binging) makes SuppressMint the ideal aid to help people transition to new healthy eating lifestyles and significant weight loss.

SuppressMint not only helps with cravings and helps the body burn fat for energy instead of sugar, it also helps dieters keep their breath fresh for its three hour duration.

When people diet, they get metallic tasting and offensive smelling breath.  This is a result of “ketosis” caused by certain chemicals such as ketones that are released in the breath as the body burns fat for energy instead of sugar.

The doctors believe that SuppressMint is the perfect diet companion that may be the master key to help people once and for all lose excess body fat and keep it off to lead a more healthy and fulfilling life.

NeuOra Microceuticals is also working on other applications of this remarkable technology that had its humble beginnings in an effort to find a simple solution to Fast Sunday, temple worker and missionary bad breath and dry mouth.


*Clinicians Report is an independent, non-profit, dental education and product testing foundation, Clinicians Report®, January, 2015. For the full report, go to (http://www.NeuOra.com/CR) or click this link.

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