Today my son entered the MTC. It’s curbside drop off now, instituted when the swine flu caused concerns about gathering in large crowds and the virus hit the MTC particularly hard. It used to be that there was a small meeting with all the incoming missionaries, where they showed you a kind of Mormon-ad for missionary work that manipulated everyone into tears. After, the missionaries went through one door and the tear-streaked families the other. I’ve had three previous sons go through that exit.

I expected the worse from the new drop-off system, but it was not bad. Cars were herded to one of about 30 places. Two elders greeted us and helped us get my son’s suitcases to the curb. It was not rushed and there was time for hugs and pictures. A woman from the MTC came, I’m not sure who she was really, but she seemed both official and kind.

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