Deseret International Charities sponsors family gardening in Mongolia

Deseret International Charities (DIC) is partnering with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on a major garden project for 410 families and several community groups in Mongolia.

In order to train the local unit garden coordinators, DIC provided a two-day garden training seminar.  All of the garden coordinators from all 22 LDS Church units in Mongolia plus three representatives of community garden projects attended the training.  In all there were 39 participants, including several bishops/branch presidents, and President Altansukh and President Bayardelger from the UB East District,.  The project paid the transportation, food, and lodging expenses for those who had to travel.  The garden coordinator from Khovd traveled the farthest to attend the training; she traveled over 1200 kilometers.

The instructors included Mr. Byambajav, a retired university professor who has authored several gardening books about gardening in Mongolia and has taught gardening classes all over Mongolia. He arranged for several other professors to teach special subjects:  pest control, fertilizer, greenhouse gardening, etc.
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