Deseret News introduces new Editorial Advisory Board

by | Aug. 24, 2010

News from Utah

Today we are introducing a new Editorial Advisory Board. The advisory board provides a collection of thought leaders from here in Utah and around the country. They include faculty from great universities, a former senator, prominent political advisers, community activists, educators and philanthropists. They are an impressive group of thoughtful, intelligent and purpose-driven individuals. And they reflect a commitment to the continued reach and impact of the Deseret News.

But to understand the purpose of our Editorial Advisory Board, you must also understand the direction of the newspaper itself. At the Deseret News our heritage grows out of our values. As a Deseret Media company, we share a mission to become trusted voices of light and knowledge by embracing values that include:

Aligning our organization to honor the principles espoused by our ownership

Pursuing excellence through innovation and quality

Championing virtues, including integrity, civility, morality and respect for all people

Improving lives through lifting, inspiring and helping others find happiness

At the Deseret News, we should be comfortable with and directed by these values. They are values shared by our readership, our leadership team and our ownership. They also help us connect to good people from diverse cultural, religious and geographic backgrounds. From these values will emerge a series of key topics and issues that we will emphasize.

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