Destinations: Castles

Schloss Fuschl and Neuschwanstein

Located just outside of Salzburg, the Schloss (or castle) Fuschl is—in a word— enchanting. Built in 1450 as a hunting lodge, this fairytale castle sits adjacent to one of Austria’s greatest lakes. At Schloss Fuschl, you can experience the classic luxury and elegance in one of the 66 rooms and 44 suites. You can even book one of the lakeside cottages for a romantic getaway. Activities available on the grounds include swimming in Lake Fuschl, fishing, hiking, skiing, Nordic walking, or golf. One unique option Schloss Fuschl provides is an on-site cooking academy where you can learn how to create culinary masterpieces. The hotel’s English website is schlossfuschl.at/english.

Off the castle grounds, you can find multiple pleasing distractions. So if you care to venture from your heavenly retreat, take a carriage ride (or even a Rolls Royce) into town and experience the history of the region for yourself (including a tour of Mozart’s birthplace). The city also acted as some of the backdrop for The Sound of Music, so you can enjoy movie site seeing too.

Just 144 miles away from Salzburg is King Ludwig II’s beautiful Neuschwanstein (“new swan stone”) Castle. The next time you are at Disneyland, look closely at Sleeping Beauty’s castle—Neuschwanstein may come to mind. Built by a man called der Märchenkönig (the Fairytale King) for the inspiration behind his architectural projects, the castle is considered to be the most photographed castle in all of Germany. Not only does it have a breathtaking exterior, but the interior is equally as elegant and captivating. But be sure to soak it in while you are touring—pictures of the interior are strictly prohibited. Considered by some to be the eighth new world wonder, this nineteenth-century Bavarian palace will capture your attention as dreams of living in Neuschwanstein’s fairytale flood your mind.

Castle on the Hudson
New York

Don’t have time to escape across an ocean for a vacation? Head to the Castle on the Hudson, located in Tarrytown, just 25 miles north of Manhattan. Built by the son of a Civil War general, this medieval-style castle boasts 45 rooms and a 75-foot tower. It offers comfortable rooms and plenty to do, including hiking, mountain biking, or walking around the beautiful arboretum.

You can also go horseback riding, head out for a scenic drive, relax in your elegant room, swim in the first-class pool, or venture down to the spa for a deep tissue massage or dip in the hot tub. The hotel’s five-star restaurant, Equus, is also excellent. Any way you slice it, you are destined have an enjoyable, majestic, and relaxing time that is perfect for the whole family. Prices start at $370/night. (Visitcastleonthehudson.com to find out more.)

But if the castle and its grounds don’t do enough for you, head into town to enjoy some of the nation’s best shows and museums. On Broadway (and Off-Broadway) you can enjoy musicals, plays, operas, and symphonies the likes of which medieval kings could never imagine. And don’t forget the Metropolitan Museum of Art (metmuseum.org) or the American Museum of Natural History (amnh.org)— both must-sees for adults, children, foreigners, and locals alike.

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