Developing sanctuaries of faith

Individuals need personal sanctuaries of faith to counter the current situations in the world said Jeff Ringer during BYU's campus devotional Tuesday, May 25, in the de Jong Concert Hall on the university's campus.

"In a time when we are swept up in a tidal wave of bad news, when the gloomy march of economic misery seems to engulf us all … let me suggest that we counter that tide by working to find our own personal sanctuaries in our faith, at our Church meetings, in the temple and in our relationships with family, friends and the Lord," Brother Ringer said.

Finding sanctuary begins with understanding who a person is and what they believe, according to Brother Ringer.

"However frustrating outside critiques may be, the bigger obstacle to finding sanctuary is when we begin to misunderstand our own beliefs — when we allow our faith to be diminished and trivialized," he said.

Brother Ringer, who is the director of BYU's David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies, said Church should be a weekly place of sanctuary for each individual.

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